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Welcome to another issue of HR Today. Autumn is a time of change and the fall season brings some important opportunities for Indiana University employees. In addition to exciting sporting and cultural events, you have opportunities to make the most of the many benefits of being part of the IU family. It’s time to maximize IU’s investment in you.

Open Enrollment is here and this year brings a few important changes. Read the highlights here and follow the links to important resources that will help you and your family make the most of your IU benefits in 2018.

If change truly starts from within, what are you waiting for? Explore the opportunities offered by Healthy IU—IU's workplace wellness program—offers and hear first hand how IU employees are making health-conscious changes. This past year, IU strengthened its support of families by introducing the Paid Parental Leave policy for staff employees. Read more about this important change for new mothers and fathers at IU. If you’re considering a change in scenery,IU’s Office of International Services has a new passport acceptance office in Bloomington that will help reduce travel hassles. We also share some important air travel tips regarding recent security changes that you should be aware of. 

Getting the answers you need from Human Resources is important, that’s why we’ve changed how you connect with Human Resources. AskHR is the only contact you need university-wide to get information related to jobs at IU, health care and retirement benefits, staff policies, and other employment-related topics.

As an IU employee, you’re part of something bigger than yourself. No matter how you fit into the IU family, we’re here for you.

Open Enrollment: November 6 -17Open Enrollment Highlights

Open Enrollment is here. Take action before November 17 to get the most out of your 2018 benefits. Included here is a brief summary of benefit changes for 2018, including the transition to CVS Caremark as our Prescription Benefit Manager. Use your Open Enrollment guide and the Open Enrollment website for an in-depth look at changes and how to maximize your 2018 benefits. Still have questions? Attend an informational session, webinar, or contact askHR at (812) 856-1234 or .

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askHR You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Now you can get the information you need using the best way to connect with Human Resources: askHR.

  • Have questions about benefits?
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Just askHR.
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In Support of Parents: Paid Parental Leave

Having or adopting a child is hard work—taking time off to support your new family member isn't. This past April, Indiana University announced a Paid Parental Leave policy for staff employees, further enhancing workplace flexibility. Working mothers and fathers at IU can benefit from up to six weeks (240 hours) of Paid Parental Leave twice in her or his IU career. 

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Healthy IU Sharing the Common Good at IU

By Julie Anderson Newsom, Healthy IU Communications Specialist

Over 1,100 employees and their spouses across all Indiana University campuses are working toward enhancing IU’s community of care and civility as part of Common Good, a Healthy IU online program. 

Common Good is a platform for participants to learn about four relationship-building topics: gratitude, purpose, effective communication, and self-compassion. Each week of the program highlights a personal practice that can strengthen skills in one of these areas, and in turn, strengthen relationships.

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Getting Your Passport Just Got a Little Easier

Indiana University's Office of International Services is an official U.S. passport acceptance site and can assist IU students, staff and faculty, as well as the public, with their applications and passport photos.

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Annual Federal Notices

Human Resources fulfills the requirement that employers, like Indiana University, must provide notices to employees about the critically important rights and responsibilities in multiple areas.

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John Whelan shares some updates on our exciting HR2020 initiative and see how to share some kudos with those who go above and beyond.

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