from the editor5 Things You May Not Know about IU’s Employee Assistance Program

The IU Employee Assistance Program (IUEAP) provided by IU Health (Methodist Assistance Program) is a voluntary program that provides professional, confidential counseling to help individuals bring their life into better balance, when day-to-day activities are interrupted by stress. Full-time Academic and Staff employees, Medical Residents, and eligible Graduate Appointees and Fellowship Recipients are eligible to use the services of the IUEAP. Covered individuals also include household members.
While many are already familiar with this program, we’ve provided 5 additional items you may not have known:

IUEAP participants are eligible for a maximum of 6, face-to-face counseling visits per year. Common reasons to use IUEAP services include drug and alcohol abuse, conflict in the workplace, stress and anxiety, depression, family and marital problems, grief and loss.

A telephone help line is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss problems and IUEAP offers multiple locations state-wide to schedule an appointment. Participants can schedule an appointment, often within 48 hours, to see a counselor.

Using IUEAP services will not be recorded in your personnel record at work and your job security will not be jeopardized for using IUEAP services.

Supervisors of full-time Academic and Staff employees may use IUEAP as a resource for dealing with a troubled employee. IUEAP professionals can provide coaching by telephone on how to:

  • Communicate effectively with a troubled employee
  • Confront a problem employee constructively
  • Identify signs and symptoms of substance abuse in the workplace

If your Supervisor asks you to contact IUEAP for assistance, IUEAP will notify the referring supervisor whether or not you keep your first appointment. After that, no further information will be shared without your written consent.

Obtaining IUEAP services begins with a phone call: 1-888-234-8327. For additional information regarding IUEAP, please visit our website.