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March 2015

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HR Today–News You Can Use, replaces the former Human Resources publication, The Informed Employee. Our goal in publishing this newsletter is to keep you informed, engaged, and feeling like you’ve learned something new or important.

Chances are, if you read this, you'll come across something that makes it worth your while, either a tip that saves you money, or a warning that prevents you from making a mistake. We can imagine future issues that will inspire employees to develop their careers at IU; balance work and life responsibilities; envision a more secure future; and so much more. In any event, we’re fairly confident if you hang around for a while, this newsletter will lead you to take a small step that makes a big difference in your and your family’s life.

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A Statewide Listening Tour
about Human Resources at IU

Photo of Jon Whelan

Shortly after joining IU in June 2014, John Whelan, in his new role as associate vice president of University Human Resources, took to the road and conducted listening tours on IU campuses. In this Q and A, he shares what he learned and his visions for the future.

You’ve been in your new position for only nine months, yet you've managed to make great progress. What inspired you to cover all this territory so soon?

I feel very strongly that HR needs to be “customer driven.” All of the work HR does should be informed and guided by the needs and objectives of IU’s faculty and staff members. The vast majority of my time has been spent meeting with individuals and groups to understand what IU needs HR to do.

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calculator iconThe Magic of Saving and Calculating for Retirement

Have you recently paid off a student loan or some other debt? Maybe you refinanced your house and lowered the monthly mortgage, or received a pay raise. The point is there may be more opportunities to increase your retirement savings than you are aware.

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KEEP CALM AND TAKE NOTEDon't be a Horror Story

Have you divorced, remarried, or had a baby? Has your primary beneficiary passed away? You may have heard horror stories about death benefit payments tied up in court or going to the wrong people. This is usually because beneficiary information was not current or a secondary beneficiary was not listed.

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Any Day Now . . .

video stripThe IU Benefits Video will be available soon with 2015 plan year information. Viewing the video is a convenient and engaging way for all employees, especially prospective and new ones, to learn about IU benefit plans and options.


Cool Stuff

PERKSDeals and Discounts for IU Employees

Indiana University has agreements with a number of corporate vendors, allowing IU employees to receive special deals and discounts for purchases such as computers, devices, software, and cellular service plans. Additionally, many local and national businesses and retailers offer . . .

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imageTravel Tips and Insider Info

If you’ve ever traveled on IU business, you may be aware that the trip always goes through IU Travel Management Services. That’s a great thing because they negotiate favorable rates from travel vendors (airlines, hotels, ground transportation). But did you know IU employees can also save on personal travel when using IU-preferred vendors?

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PERKSCampus Holiday for Staff Employees

The Campus Holiday accrues on March 1 of each year. The Campus Holiday is either a “floating” holiday or a day designated by the president of the University or the chancellor of the campus. On campuses that treat the holiday as a floating holiday, Campus Holiday is available to use on or after March 1.

For details, refer to the personnel policies for your employee group or contact the campus Human Resources office for questions about this holiday.

See also: Holidays for Staff Employees


imagePlan Ahead for Childcare Needs

Closed schools, severe weather, and sick kids create special challenges when it comes to finding alternative childcare. Prepare for this in advance by putting together a plan that covers different types of scenarios.

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